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RCS membrane offers high-quality products that help secure and safeguard your home for an extended period. Our products are designed to meet your specific requirements, and we take pride in providing top-notch installation services. We invite you to explore some of the premium products we offer and install.


Waterproofing Systems

Rub-R-Wall is a waterproofing membrane that is made of 100% rubber and is applied as a liquid. It is a single-component material that does not contain asphalt.


Geo-Wrap Drainage Composite is a durable and efficient drainage composite that is made up of a sturdy three-dimensional polypropylene core and a non-woven filter fabric.


Our team of skilled professionals utilizes advanced radon membrane technology to efficiently seal cracks, joints, and porous surfaces, effectively blocking the entry of radon gas.

Liquid Membrane

Liquid membrane waterproofing is a highly versatile and effective solution that protects structures from water infiltration. It possesses the unique ability to conform to complex surfaces, ensuring reliable waterproofing for both horizontal and vertical applications. This advanced system offers exceptional resistance to water, UV rays, and weathering, effectively preventing leaks, dampness, and moisture-related damages.


Sump pumps are designed to prevent basement flooding and excess dampness in homes where the water table is above the foundation. These pumps redirect water away from the house to an appropriate location, such as a dry well or a municipal storm drain, to prevent further issues.

Radon Block.TM

Seven Layer Co-Extruded Barrier

In the building industry, Radon Block is considered as one of the most efficient gas barriers for under slab applications. It exceeds the Class A, B, and C requirements of ASTME-1745, which is a standard for plastic vapor retarders used under concrete slabs in contact with soil or granular fill.

Radon Guard.TM

Structural Under Slab Ventilation

Radon Guard’s depressurization panel is a sub-slab system that enables the flow of soil gas between the ground and the air barrier system. It can be connected to a mitigation system through a vent pipe.

Polyethylene Vapour Barrier

10mil, 15mil, 20mil.

A Polyethylene Vapour Barrier is a product that can assist in reducing the amount of Radon, moisture and water vapour that penetrates through the slab and into the structure. By doing so, it can help prevent the growth of harmful fungi, mildew, and mold.

Spray Foam

Fast Installation, Radon Resistant,  Durable

This product offers thermal insulation in one of the coldest areas of a home and also helps to prevent carcinogenic radon gas from entering the living space. The benefit is that there is no need for taping down or sealing polyethylene sheeting.

Radon Rock

10-30mm in size

Radon rock is a type of rock that can be used to ventilate radon gas away from buildings. As uranium in soil and rock breaks down over time, it can release radon gas. Radon rock is highly porous and can be very effective in preventing the accumulation of radon gas in buildings, as well as preventing its settling in basements and concrete floors.

Radon Cloth

Light and Breathable 

In the construction industry, membrane fabric can have distinct characteristics that set them apart from one another, namely their ability to allow water and vapour to pass through.

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