Foundation Waterproofing

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Foundation Waterproofing

Cracks in the poured concrete foundation wall are the most typical source of water in a basement. This is the most prevalent foundation type seen in commercial buildings. Unfinished basements have easy-to-see cracks, but completed basements may be identified by checking for the location where the seepage begins and then inspecting the outside for cracks in the foundation above grade.

Cracks are most commonly seen in the corners of basement windows, where beams connect to the foundation, and where the foundation has corners, bays, or elevation changes. Foundation crack repair can be done from the inside with urethane injection or from the outside with the use of a waterproofing membrane. Both methods provide long-term fixes for leaky cracks in poured concrete foundation walls.


Sump Pump Problems

When a sump pump is overworked, fails due to a power outage, or malfunctions mechanically, it is one of the most dangerous sources of water in a basement. Hundreds, if not thousands, of gallons of water flood the basement, inflicting extensive damage to the home and any valuables stored below. The simplest way to avoid this is to install a sump pump system that is specifically tailored for your property and, in many cases, includes a battery backup system.

Water flowing in via a concrete block, brick, or stone foundation wall, through fractures in the concrete floor, or through the cove joint, where the basement floor meets the foundation wall, is another typical sign of a damp basement. This is a telltale indicator of hydrostatic pressure building up beside the foundation walls or beneath the basement floor as a result of heavy rain or melting snow. If a sump pump system is not already in place, an internal drain tile system as well as a sump pump system must be built to permanently address this problem.

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