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Foundation Crack Repair

The methods used to fix foundation cracks in commercial buildings can be complex, but they are well-managed by a foundation-repair company RCS Membrane. No commercial property manager likes to find that their building has a foundation problem. Foundation issues are serious and must be addressed as soon as possible. If untreated, a little fracture can quickly grow to be enormous and expensive.

If you live in Edmonton, you can nearly ensure that your business property will have foundation problems at some point. In commercial structures, how are foundation cracks corrected and identified? To assist you in identifying foundation difficulties, we’ve broken down the many sorts of fractures you could see and how they’re addressed.

Types of Foundation Cracks

The degree of foundation cracks varies, ranging from a minor aesthetic issue to a significant one. Not all cracks, however, are the same. In commercial buildings, there are two types of fractures that are common:

Vertical Cracks

Foundation fractures that run vertically. The most frequent foundation problem is vertical fissures, which are caused by the foundation settling unevenly. They may look broader at the top or bottom, indicating that your foundation should be inspected by a foundation repair professional.

Horizontal Cracks

Cracks in the foundation that runs horizontally. Horizontal cracks are one of the most significant fractures that can result from foundation problems. They show that the structure can no longer sustain the pressure of the supporting structure and are a symptom of localised support failure (any region smaller than the total foundation). Horizontal cracks can also be caused by a plumbing problem, and they tend to become bigger the higher up in a multi-story structure they occur.

New-construction building designers may frequently try to “design out” the causes of cracking by including movement joints and specifying materials that can withstand movement, among other things. If you own an existing structure and find foundation cracks, you should contact the experts at RCS Membrane today!

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