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Asphalt has a deep, black hue when it is newly paved. Asphalt will grow greyer and greyer as it ages, and the texture will get courser and courser. This is the result of the liquid asphalt (or bitumen) that acts as the asphalt pavement’s binder degrading over time. Sealing asphalt on a regular basis serves two mutually advantageous purposes: it restores the deep black colour of the asphalt pavement, which is visually pleasing, and it restores the binder, which enhances structural integrity.

Our company’s oldest service line is asphalt sealing, and we have a lot of expertise with it. Our management staff has extensive expertise in barricading, site preparation, and coordination to minimize the inconvenience of having to give up all or sections of your parking lot for a period of time. We utilize ArmorSeal, a high-quality, locally famous sealer, and we know how optimum dilution ratios affect the seal’s lifetime. The expense of completely replacing cracked and damaged asphalt outweighs the cost of sealing it every 3-7 years.

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